Get Music On Hold

From the smallest of business to the doctors surgery to the large corporation, Music On Hold has now become an indispensable tool for keeping clients on the telephone while tasks are carried out or someone is made available to talk to them. Not surprisingly, a survey in the US found that 70% of callers hang up within one minute if they are subjected to silence. Messages of assurance or of an informative nature are also becoming increasingly important both for public and private sector services and businesses.

Get Music On Hold offers a number of MOH solutions including music collections and individual tracks from styles ranging from classical to contemporary. Message of assurance can also be purchased with or without Music On Hold pieces. Additionally, none of our Music On Hold collection is registered with government royalty collection agencies, such as ASCAP or PRS, so when purchased you are fully licensed to use your Music On Hold immediately without any future bills to worry about.

You can browse our music catalogue by category or alternatively use the product search box above to instantly search our entire catalogue. Many different musical styles and genres are catered for to ensure you can find the music you need. We only use accomplished musicians and composers with proven track records to ensure all our music is of the highest quality. Our music is available for instant download in either MP3, G.711 or high quality WAV format. We also sell Audio CDs of all our Music On Hold compilations.

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